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Water 21


Ever wondered if the amount of water you drink daily is enough for good health?The water reached 21 to help you make it a habit to drink water throughout the day, and thus prevent dehydration.
But because the number 21 on the application name?
With simple steps, like drinking water, made for at least 21 consecutive days, you'll get used gradually to a change that may be part of your everyday life.
Drinking water in adequate amounts facilitates digestion, improves concentration, helps eliminate toxins from the body and still keeps the skin young and beautiful.
Despite these benefits, many people can not consume needed to satisfactorily hydrating the body throughout the day.
To use the Water 21 you only need to register the sex, weight and choose the start and end time you want to eat the amount of water determined by the application.
The application will calculate the amount of water needed during the day and whenever it's time to drink water, the application will warn you.
At the end of the day you have ingested enough water amount and time according to the needs.